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Life Anthems

The Bridge to the 21st century church!


Based out of Atlanta, K4CMusic, according to many, "is creatively pushing the boundaries of what evangelistic music could/should be." 

New Project coming in fall!


Luson / Lucker J
Sammy/ Sa
Dawenn / D
Hobnir / Hobbz



Young and Alive Tour


October 1, First Church- Spring Field, Tennessee

October 6-9 Friendship Baptist- Atlanta, GA

October 21st TBA, New Jersey

october 22 Delaware

October 29th Arlington, Texas

November 4th Dolphin Island, Alabama 

Novermber 10-12 Hickman, Ky

November 18th, Forsyth, GA

December 2nd, Lake Placid, FL

December 9th, Lords House- Fort Lauderdale, FL

December 10th, The Ark- West Palm Beach

January 19-21 Jacksonville, FL

March 11, Biloxi Misssissippi

April 7th, Arlington, Texas


Alive- From The Brand New Album 


"One Day"

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