K4C Music



Based out of Atlanta, K4CMusic, according to many, "is creatively pushing the boundaries of what evangelistic music could/should be." 

Lucson / Lucker J
Sammy/ Sa
Hobnir / Hobbz

K4C Music is an up-and-coming group to watch for 2018. The group consists of Sammy Rigaud, Lucson Joseph, and Hobnir Laventure. They are Christian-based; with an inspirational theme and a motivating sound. They have challenging music that is uplifting. Their music is at times edgy, mostly up-tempo, and lyrically thoughtful. These guys have a relentless approach to music that is infectious. In only 5 years together they have been able to build a fan base that is “sticky”. They have amazing music including "Life Anthems" and "Young and Alive". The ceiling for K4C Music is truly endless.