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Hands on Haiti


Hands on Haiti focuses on two specific annual projects that they host in North West Haiti and it is 3-part: 

  • Part 1 
    • A basketball camp which hosts 160 children, ranging from 5-13 years old. The children are given uniforms, socks, towels, and are served hot breakfast and hot lunch. Children are selected through a lottery format. 
  • Part 2 
    • A discipleship training course; equipping local leaders while teaching music and ministry. Youth ranging from the ages of 14-25 participate in hands-on activities with the intent to mold them into dynamic servants. 
  • Part 3
    • Raw Evangelism; usually consists of street preaching, Sunday service preaching or S.G. M. (Small Group Ministry). It is important to them that original form of ministry is not forsaken nor forgotten; "When the Gospel is reached, people are liberated". 

They collaborate with aid partners who employ a community oriented aid strategy and who strive to increase the self-sufficiency of the poor. They not only want to help immediately, they want to help in the long run as well. They are focused on the Lord and His agenda.