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MEET K4C Music

Pour some talent and passion into a mixing bowl full of enthusiasm and that still doesn’t define K4C Music to their fullest. Their message is real and it’s for everyone.  Sammy, Lucson, and Hobbz are in a relentless pursuit to spread the Gospel through their life stories, and they are doing it in a way that others can relate. In fact, their music will have your head bopping, arms flapping, and feet tapping not just because the beats are catchy but their message is resounding. One can’t miss the obvious energy that they bring into a room and their stage presence is something to speak about. They don’t just bring a show. They want to enjoy their time with their audience. Don’t be surprised if you end up on stage at some point. One moment you’re jumping with the guys and the next your hands may be up in the air surrendering to Him because that’s what their music does; it causes an undeniable pull to accept the calling of Jesus Christ!


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